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Pricing Transparency

We believe in always being 100% transparent

999 Plumber has 100% transparent rates and we have a clear, upfront, open and honest pricing system.

Our engineers will always show a full breakdown of labour, material and any other charges, and a comprehensive description of work carried out is shown on all invoices and estimates.

We do not charge for the following: call out charge, travelling, parking, Congestion and there are no other hidden charges.

Our pricing is ‘middle of the road’ but our service is second to none as our customers will testify. Read Reviews

We always offer value for money with totally transparent rates


We are clear, upfront and honest about our company charges

Our rates are clearly shown on our website and our helpful and experienced staff (24 hours), will make customers fully aware of our rates at the time they book a job or if they request details. 


999 Plumber will never carry out any unnecessary work or talk customers into any work that is not needed under any circumstances. 

We always charge correctly and fairly according to our quoted rates and our policy on overcharging is unequivocal. 

But in the unlikely event that any of our engineers ever do deliberately disregard this policy they will be dismissed, and a refund will be made.

We will always take responsibility in the unlikely event that work is not carried our to our standards. 

If you are unhappy please contact us right away and we will try to resolve your issue by sending an engineer back, or a technical service manager, at a time that is convenient to you.

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