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"Your local Plumber" Text or Call Michael Knight 24/7 07760 547 999

"Your local Plumber" Text or Call Michael Knight 24/7 07760 547 999

"Your local Plumber" Text or Call Michael Knight 24/7 07760 547 999"Your local Plumber" Text or Call Michael Knight 24/7 07760 547 999"Your local Plumber" Text or Call Michael Knight 24/7 07760 547 999

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999 Plumber Newbury

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999 Plumber, Plumbing

Taps, Toilets, Drips, Leaks, Showers, Thermostatic mixer bars, Stopcocks, Water mains, Water tanks, Hot water cylinders, Float valves, and much more..

Central Heating & Hot water


Megaflow, Cylinders, Heating pumps, two port valves, three port valves, zone valves, thermostats, programmers, TRV,s, Lock shields, Radiators, FE tanks, Powerflushes and more

Power Flush

Powerflush Newbury, Powerflush Reading,Powerflush Basingstoke, Powerflush Brackenll, 999 plumber

 Dirty water in your pipes causes heating problems and reduces efficiency. This means they have to work harder to heat a room and you waste more energy. More

24hr Emergency

Hotwater cylinders, 999 Plumber

We will arrive in under 60 mins! Leaks, Floods, No heating, No hot water, Blocked drains, Blocked toilets, Leaking water tanks, any plumbing or heating emergency

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Fans, Boards, Valves, Breakdowns, Pumps, Gas valves, Oil boilers, LPG Boilers, Gas boilers, Condensing, System boilers, Combi Boilers and more

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Plumbing electrics, 999 Plumber

Electric showers, Power showers, Shower pumps, Immersion heaters, Thermostats, Programmers, Pull cords, Waste pumps, Heating pumps and more

Blocked drains / Sewer Pipes

Blocked toilets, Blocked drains, 999 Plumber

We unblock, Blocked drains, Blocked sewers, Blocked Toilets, Blocked showers, Cracked or damaged sewer pipes, CCTV surveying also available

Water leak Trace & access


We undertake investigations both on behalf of your insurer or privately into leaks in walls, under the floor, inside ceilings, behind water tanks and more

Free DIY advice


Fancy doing a bit of DIY? While we don't always recommend it, Some jobs can be done by most people, If you have a job your thinking about DIY-ing give us a call first we're happy to give you helpful tips and advice, free of charge. 0800 999 1233

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I Live in Newbury and I am the local plumber for Newbury, and also cover Reading, Basingstoke and Bracknell, You can call me direct (24hrs) for all your plumbing and heating needs, including any help and advice you may need 07760 547 999

I don't charge "A Call Out Fee" and only charge when I complete the job to the highest standards set by Professional Plumbers and monitored by Checkatrade

I'm happy to do boilers, central heating and the small jobs like, Repair toilets that don't seem to flush properly or leak into the pan, slow filling toilets, taps that drip or need changing, showers that run slow or not at all, Install shower pumps, mixer taps, Thermostatic mixer showers and much more.

I can also fix central heating and hot water issues including immersion heaters, water cylinders and unvented systems.

So for Plumbing, Heating and Hot water call me direct (24hrs) 07760 547 999 


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Helpful information

How To Avoid A Plumbing Emergency


In our last blog post we explained what a plumbing emergency is and how to deal with different plumbing emergencies when they occur. But before we go on if you having a Plumbing emergency in Newbury call 01635 922 999 now!, Of course in an ideal world there would be no emergencies, and while you can’t always prevent problems from arising, some emergencies occur because of problems that have been building up over time. So what can you do to reduce the risk of serious plumbing problems in your home?

1. Get to know your plumbing system

Do you know where your main water valve is and how to turn it off? If there is a leak or another problem with your system, you’re likely to be the first person to notice, so it’s important that you’re familiar with the system so you can turn off the water as soon as possible and avoid any further damage to your home.

2. Don’t misuse your system

Some plumbing problems are caused by flushing things down the toilet that the system can’t handle. Toilets are built to process specific types of waste only, so don’t try to flush things like baby wipes, cotton wool, paper towels or anything else that isn’t toilet paper.

If you happen to have a garbage disposal, there are certain things you shouldn’t put down there either. Greasy or oily food can leave a film on the blades making them ineffective, while pasta and rice can swell with water and clog up the unit. Egg shells and fibrous vegetable peels can wrap themselves around the blades and should be disposed of in small quantities. Finally, non-food items shouldn’t be put in a garbage disposal because they cannot be broken down enough to be washed away.

3. Replace or service old parts

How old is your boiler? It’s a good idea to keep track of how many years you’ve had your system – boilers last up to 15 years, so if yours is on its last legs it may be time to think about getting a new one. No matter how old your system is, it’s also important to get your boiler serviced annually. This can keep your boiler running efficiently and it means you may get a few more years out of it than you otherwise would.

4. Use chemicals sparingly

Home plumbing chemicals such as drain cleaners may not be strong enough to tackle every problem you may run into. Some clogs are caused by major build-ups that have hardened in your pipes, and they may need a professional plumber to take care of them. Some chemicals are designed for specific pipes and can even cause damage to your plumbing or cause clogs if used incorrectly.

5. Don’t try to do repairs yourself

If you’re not very confident of your plumbing skills, don’t attempt to repair a problem yourself contact a professional at 999 Plumber, Trying to fix a problem such as a leak without professional help can worsen the problem and create more damage. If in doubt, call an emergency plumber – at 999 Plumber we can fix the problem for you with much less hassle.

By following these tips you can take steps to reduce the risk of a plumbing emergency in your home. However, some emergencies are unavoidable and even looking after your system well doesn’t guarantee you won’t run into any problems.

If you do find yourself with a plumbing emergency in Newbury or surrounding areas such as Reading or Basingstoke, contact 999 Plumber on 01635 922 999. Our professional team is here to help and we’ll get to you as soon as possible so you never have to cope with an emergency on your own.

plumbing and heating engineer in Newbury, Plumber in Reading, Plumber in Basingstoke, Plumber in Bracknell Central Heating engineer in Newbury, Central Heating engineer in Reading, Central Heating engineer in Bracknell Central heating engineer in Basingstoke 

Emergency plumber in Newbury, 999 Plumber Newbury

Emergency plumber in Newbury, 999 Plumber Newbury

Helpful tips to improve central heating

How To Improve Your Central Heating System Ready For Winter


Winter is slowly creeping in again, and you may already be feeling the chill and turning on your central heating. Now is a great time to think about your central heating and whether it’s working well enough for you – before winter really kicks in!

If you feel like your boiler isn’t keeping you as warm as it should be, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to get a new one. There are many cheaper things you can try to get your system working as good as new once more. These ideas can also help if you feel like you’re paying too much for your heating.

Here are just a few ideas for saving energy, reducing your bills, and lowering your carbon footprint – all while keeping your house feeling toasty.

Power Flushing

A power flush can clean out all the sludge rust, and other debris clogging up your central heating system. The aim of this is to restore full circulation within your system so that water can travel through all the pipes, radiators, and our boiler. This should make your central heating system more efficient, warming your radiators more quickly and heating your home for less.

Bleeding Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators is another way to make your heating system more efficient. You can tell if a radiator needs bleeding if it is only heating up at the bottom. Bleeding your radiators releases any air trapped at the top of the radiator, allowing hot water to fill the entire system once more.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

TRVs allow you to adjust the temperature of individual radiators so that you can heat some rooms in your home while keeping others a little cooler. This is a good way to save energy and money as it means you’re not heating the rooms you’re not using, but you can still keep the temperature comfortable in rooms you use more. 

Wireless Room Thermostats

These thermostats can accurately measure the overall temperature of your house and adjust the heating system to ensure your home stays at your desired temperature. This means you don’t have to worry about changing the temperature manually to save energy.

Cylinder Thermostats

Cylinder thermostats regulate the temperature within your heating cylinder, ensuring the water is only heated when the temperature drops to below 60-65 degrees.

Unvented Cylinders

These cylinders draw cold water from your mains supply and heat it on demand. Unlike cylinders that constantly heat the water, these only heat water when needed. They also don’t require a cold water storage tank, giving you the added bonus of extra space in your home.

Radiator Reflectors

Radiators give off heat in the space all around them, which means half the heat leaves the back of the radiator. If the radiator is on an external wall, some of your energy could be wasted heating your garden instead of your home! Radiator reflectors can stop this heat transfer and reflect the heat back into the room so it doesn’t escape through your walls. This means you don’t have to put the radiator on for as long, and you can lower its temperature if you have a TRV.

Radiator Fans

These are micro fans which are placed on top of radiators. They are very low wattage and they only come on when a certain temperature is reached. When they do come on, they blow hot air from the radiator further into the room, increasing the temperature so that you can have your heating on for a shorter amount of time and lower your heating bills.

Radiator Additive

Radiator additive can help your central heating liquid heat up faster and stay hot for longer, by changing its heat transfer properties. This means your heating will reach your desired temperature quicker and your boiler won’t have to work for as long, saving you money on your heating bills.

Heat Recovery Devices

Some of the gas generated by your boiler escapes through the flue, but you can buy heat recovery systems which capture it and use it to heat your water, making your system more efficient.

Hot Water Cylinder Insulation

New hot water cylinders are factory insulated to help keep your water at the right temperature, but older cylinders may need some additional insulation to stop heat escaping. You could save money and energy by topping up your insulation.


The build-up of lime-scale can significantly reduce the efficiency of your hot water system, but inhibitors can prevent this build-up. A chemical inhibitor is a liquid which is inserted into your central heating system and slows down oxidisation, which is the reaction between the metal radiator and the water running through it.

Electrolytic scale inhibitors can also be fitted to your incoming water supply pipe, and these stop lime-scale crystals sticking to any surface in your system, preventing build-up.

Upgrade Your Boiler

The average boiler lasts for between ten and fifteen years, so if yours is getting on a bit and you’re encountering problems, it may be time to replace it. Choose 999 Plumber For boilers in Newbury, Boilers in reading, Boilers in Basingstoke, Boilers in Bracknell, Modern boilers are more efficient than older boilers because they are all condensing boilers. All boilers burn fuel efficiently if they are well-maintained, but they tend to lose some heat in the gases that escape up the flue. In contrast, condensing boilers have larger heat ex changers, so they recover more heat and send cooler gas up the flue. Sometimes the flue gases get so cool that the water vapour in them condenses out and even more energy is recovered, making condensing boilers particularly efficient. In fact, a condensing boiler only wastes around 9% of its gas, compared to 20-40% for non-condensing boilers.

If you would like more specific advice for your central heating system, or if you would like 999 Plumber to carry out any repairs, improvements, installations or upgrades, get in touch! Call 01635 922 999 or contact us online and we will be happy to help you get the most out of your central heating and boiler. 

Being approved by Checkatrade and Trustatrader means you can have peace of mind knowing your in safe and hands and won't be a victim of less reputable cowboy firms. 

plumbing and heating engineer in Newbury, Plumber in Reading, Plumber in Basingstoke, Plumber in Bracknell Central Heating engineer in Newbury, Central Heating engineer in Reading, Central Heating engineer in Bracknell Central heating engineer in Basingstoke

Central heating in Newbury, 999 Plumber Newbury

Central heating in Newbury, 999 Plumber Newbury

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We also deal with Trace and Access, finding water leaks and insurance claims, We undertake investigations in leaks in walls, under the floor, ceilings, behind tanks, and water cylinders etc, this can be a tricky task and requires expert knowledge to find the source of some leaks especially under the concrete slab of your home, we also help with the step by step process to ensure you are covered by your insurance before we commence work and make sure all the damage caused is put right in quick time, If you have a leak and need help finding the source, call 999 Plumber Trace and access team now 0800 999 1233. 

Trying to find a dependable plumbing service can be frustrating, but Hungerford Plumbers is backed by hoards of satisfied customers in the RG14, RG20, RG18, RG17, RG19, RG1, RG30, RG31, RG6 postcode and surrounding areas that can attest to the high level of service and professionalism they’ve experienced. 

Tilehurst Plumbers always puts the customer’s needs at the forefront, which equates to less stress for you and your family when you encounter a plumbing issue or emergency situation that requires immediate attention.

Basingstoke Plumbers is equipped to address any plumbing, heating or drainage issue with an emphasis on service and quality. When you ring Bracknell Plumbers, a plumbing expert in your area will arrive armed with all of the tools needed to handle the job on the first visit, so you won’t have to spend any more time dealing with plumbing problems. Even in emergency situations, our plumbers will always come prepared to finish the job, so you can put the issues behind you!

With an exclusive focus on the area of Newbury, Thatcham, Reading, Basingstoke, Kingsclere, Chieveley, RG14, RG20, RG18, RG17, RG19, RG1, RG30, RG31, RG6, local customers can rely on rapid response times and convenient services, day or night. 

Don’t let plumbing emergencies get the best of you! arm yourself with Pangbourne Plumbers and make the best decision when it comes to correcting plumbing issues and minimising damage, all in accordance with your local water and waste regulations.
The professionals employed by Kingsclere Plumbers are also equipped with rich knowledge of the local area, which puts their service in a category all its own. 

Trust Newbury Plumbers and never doubt that you are receiving the highest level of service in the Newbury, Reading, Thatcham, Basingstoke, Kingsclere, Chieveley, RG14, RG20, RG18, RG17, RG19, RG1, RG30, RG31, RG6 area!

With a full guarantee on each and every service it provides, Newbury Plumbers stands behind its repairs so that you, the customer, never have to worry if an unexpected issue arises. 

Caversham Plumbers is dedicated to providing the best quality professional plumbing services in the Caversham, Reading, Sonning, Newbury, Kingsclere, Chieveley, RG14, RG20, RG18, RG17, RG19, RG1, RG30, RG31, RG6 area, and that includes taking full responsibility for an inadequate repair, if it were to occur.

Experience each of the benefits of Didcot Plumbers for yourself and trust all of your plumbing, heating and drainage needs to the top local professionals. 

You’ll be in good hands any time trouble arises with Thatcham Plumbers the best plumbing services in the Newbury, Thatcham, Reading, Basingstoke, Kingsclere, Chieveley, RG14, RG20, RG18, RG17, RG19, RG1, RG30, RG31, RG6 area!

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