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Terms and Conditions

Booking with 999 Plumber

When you book a service with 999 Plumber by Email, Text,online, over the phone, or in person, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions set out below.

Terms and Conditions for your one-off home improvement and repair service 

At 999 Plumber, we care about privacy and we protect your personal data. We want to be transparent about how we use your personal data, so before you read our Terms and Conditions, we want to point out that 999 Plumber is the data controller of your personal data. Although our Privacy Notice does not form part of the contract between you and 999 Plumber, we recommend that you read our Privacy Notice, to understand how we collect and use your personal data and your data protection rights.

1. Your agreement These terms explain how we’ll carry out the work we’ve quoted you for, the terms of your agreement with us, how to cancel the work and how to make a complaint. Please read them carefully. Your quote Your quote is valid for 28 days from the date we give it to you. If you don’t accept your quote in that time but change your mind later, we may need to give you a new quote. 

2. The work We’ll complete the work included in your quote with due skill and care, and in accordance with industry standards. We’ll provide replacements with similar functionality, although these may not have the same features or be an identical make and model or type of fitting. For example, we may replace a specific design of tap with a standard one from our range, or replace electrical fittings with our nearest white, brass or chrome version. Or you can give the engineer a replacement part that you’ve bought yourself that we approve. We’ll try and get parts from the original manufacturer or our approved suppliers. In the case of internet or Wi-Fi enabled boilers, appliances or parts, replacements will only be from the Hive range or other conventional (non-internet-connected) products. Who will do the work Normally, we’ll only send a 999 Plumber engineer. When we will do the work We’ll start the work on the time and date we agree with you when you accept the quote (unless we are delayed for any reason). Unless we agree otherwise, work must begin within 90 days of your acceptance of the quote and be done during our normal working hours (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday).  

3. What is not included Unrelated faults Your quote is only for the work we’ve already agreed with you. We’ll quote you separately for other work needed for unrelated faults. This may happen if: • You’ve called us about a boiler breakdown but also ask us to fix a leaking radiator; • You’ve called us about an electrical upgrade but work is also needed to make your electrical wiring safe; or • You’ve called us about a problem with your fuse box but ask us to fix a faulty light fitting. We’ll agree any additional costs with you and provide you with an updated or additional quote before starting work. Additional necessary works Unless specifically set out, the charges we quote you don’t include the following: • Any improvements needed to your heating, plumbing system or electrical installation, including a Powerflush, or any work needed to bring these up to current standards; Any work or repair to the fuse box’s mains supply; • The cost of materials and labour needed to gain access to your system, such as pipes or wiring buried in walls or built-in appliances; or • Lifting carpets or other floor coverings before we can start work, or replacing them once we’ve finished. You may decide to call a specialist contractor to do this work for you, or we might be able to do this for you at an extra cost which we’ll agree in advance. 

4. General Conditions UK law Your agreement is bound by the laws of whichever country the property included in your agreement is in – England and Wales, or Scotland. Payment Any deposit shown on your quotation must be paid when you accept your quote. You’ll need to pay the balance we’ve quoted you once we’ve finished the work, unless we’ve agreed you can pay in instalments. We may pre-authorise payment for the full amount of the quote when you accept it and use this same card to take any cancellation fees you may incure. 

12-month guarantee

We guarantee to repair or replace any faulty parts we’ve supplied, or fix any faulty work that we’ve done for twelve months from the date that we did the work. This doesn’t affect your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if applicable, and any laws that replace it. If you want independent advice about your rights, you can speak to Citizens Advice or Trading Standards. 

Reasonable timescales 

We’ll give you our best time estimate for doing the work and we’ll do our best to keep to this, unless something beyond our control makes that impossible – in which case we’ll let you know as soon as possible and arrange a new time. 

Getting into your home

Our engineers will only work in your home if there’s someone 18 years old or older there at all times. It’s your responsibility to give us access to your home. If we can’t get access, we won’t be able to complete the work and you’ll need to contact us to arrange another appointment. (re booking fee of £45 will be payable) 

Working in dangerous conditions 

We won’t start or continue doing any work in your home if we believe there’s a health and safety risk, for example: hazardous chemicals, pest infestations, verbal or physical abuse, or harassment – and we won’t return to finish the work until that risk is gone and the full booking fee will be payable.

If the safety earthing arrangements in your home don’t meet the standards set out in the current institute of Electrical Engineers Regulations, we’ll tell you what work needs to be done to fix this and agree a cost with you. We may not be able to start the work we’ve quoted for until this work is completed – the engineer who visits you will make this decision. If any asbestos needs to be removed before we can work in your home, you’ll need to arrange and pay for someone else to remove it and give you a Certificate of Reoccupation which you’ll need to show us. Permissions and consents It’s your responsibility to get any permission needed for the work, as we don’t accept liability for unauthorised work, e.g. if you don’t own the property, you’ll need to get the owner’s permission first, or if the property is a listed building you may need planning permission. 

You’ll be responsible for any losses or costs to us if claims are made against us for work carried out without the proper permission. Design or existing faults We won’t be responsible for the cost of repairs, or gaining access to make repairs, if there are design faults (unless we’re responsible for the design faults). 

We also won’t be responsible for faults which existed before we gave you a quote, faults which we’ve told you about on a previous visit, or faults which we couldn’t reasonably have been expected to know about when we gave you the quote.  

Other loss or damage

We’ll do our best to carry out the work without causing unnecessary damage to your property, but you accept that the work (including removing or dismantling any existing fixtures and fittings) may cause damage. We’ll repair any damage we cause in getting access to your boiler, appliance or system by replacing items such as cabinets or cupboards that we’ve removed and by filling any holes we’ve made and leaving a level surface – but we won’t replace or restore the original surface or coverings, for example tiles, floor coverings, decoration, grass or plants. If the original surface or construction was damaged as a result of any prior fault with your system, for example a water leak, we will not replace the original surface. Water supply and pressure We won’t be responsible for your central heating, plumbing or drainage system not working properly because you don’t have enough water supply, or the water pressure is variable. 

5. Specific Terms 5.1 Gas works Adequate gas supply You’ll need to make sure there’s an adequate gas supply coming through to your property before we start the work. We can put you in touch with a gas transporter if you need to arrange this. Subsequent faults and damage If your central heating system develops a fault after we’ve connected new equipment to it, we won’t accept liability for the cost of repairing or replacing parts. This is unless we’ve worked in a negligent way that caused the fault. Appliance flues Repairing or replacing flues isn’t included. We’ll agree an extra charge with you for replacing your flue or cleaning blocked flues before starting work. Immersion heater If we replace an existing hot water cylinder, we’ll try our best to reinstall your immersion heater if possible. If we can’t do this, we’ll agree an additional cost with you to supply and fit a replacement immersion heater. 5.2 Plumbing and drains works You’ll need to make sure we have clear access to drains and manhole covers, and a supply of mains electricity and water. If this isn’t provided to us, you may be responsible for any extra costs to us for any additional work as a result.  

All bookings are subject to a cancellation fee

6. Scheduled plumbing bookings if cancelled by you are subject to a cancellation fee of £45 if cancelled 48 hours before the booked date, the full fee of £95 will be required if cancelled within 48 hours of the date appointment booked.

6.1 Powerflush Bookings are subject to a cancellation fee of £150 and payment for any special order chemicals

6.2 Emergency Call outs day or night are subject to the full amount if cancelled before we arrive, We guarantee to arrive in under 60 minutes, If you cancel in that time before we arrive or while we are at the premises full payment will be required, £150 if during the day 8am-5pm Mon-Friday £195 if after 6pm up to 12am Mon-Friday, £245 after Midnight Mon-Friday, Weekend rates are subject to a cancellation fee £195 8am-5pm £245 5pm-12am, £295 Midnight to 8am

6.3 All parts ordered in will be subject to a 40% handling fee if we have to return them because you have cancelled for what ever reason.

6.4 Boilers / Gas services, (gas safe) appointments will be subject to full fee if cancelled,.

6.5 New boilers, If you have agreed to have a new boiler and paid a deposit (£1000 min) you are agreeing to the terms set out, the £1000 deposit will be forfeited if you chose to cancel for any reason. 

What we promise you

7. Emergency Call Outs

We guarantee to arrive in 60 minutes or less to any emergency, if we fail you by one minute or more we will discount the emergency fee by 50%, If we fail to show up to an emergency without calling to tell you in the first 60 minutes we will pay for anther company of your choice to attend.

7.1 Scheduled bookings: Whilst we do everything possible to get to you on time, some jobs before you can go over the time expected and we can be late, We will always call you to explain why we are late and keep you updated. The only time slot we guarantee to be on time for (subject to traffic) is the first call job of the day e.g 8am.

7.2 Powerflush bookings: A Powerflush is a complex and specialist service which requires the whole day (up to 12 radiators) and even longer if something goes wrong like a leak or severe blockage, Therefore we cannot guarantee a time of completion, but we will keep you informed during the process, all prices quoted are fixed even if we run over the time stated. 

7.3 We reserve the right to move a booking for any reason and re book within 3 working days, If you can show you have another company that can attend within the 3 working days and wish to cancel our service, no fee will be payable, If you cancel and do not accept the new booking date and can't prove you have booked with another company for a day and time before our re booked date then a cancellation fee is payable. (unless it can be shown that the work required is no longer needed) for example you booked a temporary water supply to be installed for a function that has now already taken place. We will consider all cases on their own merits. 

Making a complaint To make a complaint: * • Email us at complaints@999plumber.co.uk • Or write to us at: 999 Plumber, 12-22 Oxford house, Oxford street, Newbury, RG14 1JB